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40 Years of expertise in Commercial & Residential Pest Control
Confidence, honesty
and reliability is my commitment to you.
neil raw
Managing Director

Quality Service, Personalised Care.

Neil has worked in the Pest Control industry for over 40 years and founded Innovative Pest Control Adelaide in 2003. Prior to founding the company, he worked for companies in both South Australia and New South Wales. During this time he had felt that there was a degree of professionalism and customer care missing from within the industry.

When he started Innovative Pest Control, Neil set out to provide the best possible customer service to all his clients. He believes that genuine concern, should and will be shown to every home and business the team visit.

Neil and his team are all Qualified Pest Control Technicians which ensures that all pest management work is performed in accordance with industry codes of practice, with due attention to consumers, employees and the environment.

Innovative Pest Control are members of The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association with PestCert accreditation further ensuring that the Australian Standards for Pest Control are consistently upheld.

Our Vision

  • To provide specialist services in pest solutions and management
  • To be recognised, respected and show integrity as a leading pest control company in Australia
  • To provide exceptional customer service to every client
We are a 100% Australian owned family business and we look forward to being of service to you!
I just wanted to thank you for your continued level of professionalism and reliability regarding the pest control servicing at my home and at my investment property.
Bob, Flagstaff Hill

Meet the Team

Neil Raw at Innovative Pest Control Adelaide
Daniel at Innovative Pest Control Adelaide
Pest Control Technician
Brendan at Innovative Pest Control Adelaide

Pest Control Code of Ethics

The Pest Management Industry plays an important part in the nation’s economy, protecting our health, food, property and environment. The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, of which Innovative Pest Control SA is a member, has approved this Code of Ethics in the interests of promoting a high standard of business conduct.

Members shall:

Ensure that all pest management work is carried out in accordance with industry codes of practice and regulations and with due attention to consumers, employees and the environment.

Observe the highest standards of honesty and integrity in business transactions and take every opportunity to promote the prestige and good reputation of the Association and its members.

Show a spirit of friendly co-operation with fellow members and assist them if possible when in need. Whilst respecting the reputation and practices of other members, be willing to report to the Association without hesitation any member whose conduct is considered to be detrimental to the good reputation of the Association.

When giving advice to consumers, respect their right to detailed information regarding service treatments. When issuing a quotation – in addition to stating the price, the pest(s) and the nature of the work – specify the duration of the service commitment period.

Honour all service commitments with prompt courteous attention.

Attend to consumer complaints promptly and ensure that these are resolved.

Adopt a professional image and behave responsibly at all times.

In communicating with consumers, and in all marketing activities, avoid demeaning or criticising the pest management industry or its members.

Accreditations & QUALIFICATIONS

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Termite Protection

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