Creepy crawlies not only make your skin crawl but can also result in very real damage and costs, not just because it can harm your reputation and lead to inventory loss, but also because of serious health risks, particularly in areas where fresh food is handled. It is hard to know what to do as the right solution can vary according to your particular situation and kind of business.  Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Food Retail

Food retail stores such as supermarkets or food stores must have a zero tolerance for pests. Signs of pest activity in these facilities can harm brand name and public perception and pose serious health risks. Expert pest control teams have a thorough understanding of Australia’s food legislation that enables their services to comply with legal obligations.

Pest control companies use integrated pest management techniques that incorporate a five-stage preventative measure approach to pest control for their food retail clients.  

First, pest control starts with identifying the external design and construction of the building. Next, team members carefully plan out actions needed to prevent an infestation, specifying physical, cultural and chemical methods.

Afterwards, the crew implements the specific control methods that have been proven to provide the most effective results and ensure safety. Then, the newly appointed trained personnel are responsible for implementing the control measures.

After that, the team clearly identifies the type of pest species, and preventive measures needed to avoid re-infestation and finally, the team evaluates the effectiveness of the pest control program.

These steps ensure that pest control companies meet the needs of their food retail clients.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are busy places which can harbour various types of pests including rats, flies and cockroaches. The building creates an ideal environment for pests thriving from the food and warmth they can find there.  

Pest control operations play an important role in preventing secondary infections in hospitals, surgeries, and nursing homes. Field biologists conduct extensive reviews that identify vulnerabilities in healthcare facilities. One of the more effective products that pest control companies use in their operations includes low energy LED lamps, which have a 3-year life span, and control fly infestation in facilities.


Pests can cause tremendous damage to office buildings, therefore it is vital to maintain a safe environment for office staff and visitors and minimise the spread of germs and possible related staff sick leave. The age and location of an office building will have an impact on the likelihood of a pest problem. Pests in offices can cause a lot of emotional distress. They are able to damage office building structures, fittings and stock, and computer equipment and cables being at risk from rodents.

Pubs, Bars, and Restaurants

Australian customer review websites such as Zomato and Urbanspoon rank restaurants and bars online based on the quality of service they provide. These establishments are constantly in the public eye and it is vital for them to retain a healthy social media presence.

For this reason, pest control companies help defend the reputations of these outlets by eliminating pest-related health hazards. The sensitive nature of a pest infestation in a catering environment requires an urgent response and absolute discretion.  Furthermore, in storage areas where the use of poisonous bait is not permitted, pest control companies are able to apply non-toxic techniques that eliminate infestations.  


Schools and other educational institutions are safe haven environments where students study and staff go to work. Sometimes pests can infiltrate common areas and thrive in locations where there are ample nesting areas and food. Pests can find their home in many different places within the school such as classrooms, gyms, lockers, cafeteria, and dumpsters.

Pests create tremendous distractions from the learning process, but more importantly pose a threat to the health and well-being of students. Pest control companies provide reliable maintenance services, a fast emergency response, and training in pest prevention for employees, to ensure that schools and other educational facilities remain safe, clean, and enjoyable places to study in.